Podocarpus ridleyi (Wasscher) N.E.Gray


Distributed in Peninsular Malaysia where deforestation and conversion of forests to rubber plantations are the main threats

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Malaysia: Peninsular Malaysia. The population is thought to be decreasing.

Habitat and Ecology

Podocarpus ridleyi is localized on several mountain summits and ridges in somewhat stunted rain forest; it may attain greater size when it occurs in forest on slopes below these summits. Its altitudinal range is from 480 to 1500m (possibly to 2100m). It grows in impoverished soils derived from sandstone or granite (Mt. Ophir) and can be the dominant tree in these localities

Conservation Status

Global status

Vulnerable B2ab(ii,iii,v)

Global rationale

Rapid change in land use involving the conversion of rainforest into rubber tree plantations have had an impact on the trees that occurred on the lower slopes of at least the southern subpopulations, restricting them to the higher summit areas. This must have reduced the area of occupancy as well as the habitat and numbers of mature trees. On this basis it is assessed as Vulnerable under the B2 criteria.

Global threats

Deforestation, logging (to a lesser extent), conversion of forests to plantations of rubber trees.

Conservation Actions

This species has been recorded from some protected areas. Further field work is required to assess its distribution and population size.