Pinus torreyana subsp. insularis J.R.Haller


A very small population found on Santa Rosa Island in California, USA where potential threats include pests and diseases and fire.


USA: S California (Santa Barbara Co.: Santa Rosa Island).

This tiny population of about 1000 mature trees covers less than 100ha in two subpopulations on a near-shore island. Records from Santa Catalina Island represent introduced trees.

Habitat and Ecology

On steep and/or open slopes and in canyons near the coast, forming small stands.

Conservation Status

Global status and rationale

Vulnerable D2

The extent of occurrence and area of occupancy are very small and well within the threshold for Critically Endangered, but there is no evidence of decline. The estimate of 1000 mature trees, probably not accurate, could be in reality below or above this figure. So what remains is the AOO of less than 100 hectares (1km²) and the risk of stochastic events, making this taxon Vulnerable under criterion D.

Global threats

This subspecies is at high risk from stochastic events such as fire, pest infestation, or disease, all of which could wipe out this subspecies easily. The trees enjoy legal protection, but that is not an effective buffer against these risks.

Conservation Actions

The entire population is now protected within a reserve.