Pinus pinaster subsp. renoui (Villar) Maire


Distributed along the coast of North Africa in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia where it is threatened by logging

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Distributed on the northern Moroccan coast east to the Algerian – Tunisian border. It has two very disjunct areas but the main sub-population is in Morocco.

Habitat and Ecology

In Morocco it is reported to occur at elevations of up to 2000 m above sea level in the mountains.

Human Uses

This subspecies is valued as a timber tree in a region where naturally no other large pines occur.

Conservation Status

Global status

Endangered B2ab(iii)

Global rationale and threats

This subspecies (or variety) of Pinus pinaster is very rare and known from only two widely separated populations on the African Mediterranean coast, the largest being in Morocco. These are relict occurrences and may indeed be genetically distinct. Logging and habitat degradation are known to occur but to what extent is presently unknown. Afforestation with other pines, especially with P. pinaster of European provenance, threatens the genetic integrity of these relict populations.

Conservation Actions

Some of the Moroccan subpopulation occurs within the Talassemtane National Park in the Rif Mountains. In this region the subspecies has its widest extent and greatest number of trees. It is not known what proportion of this subpopulation is within the national park, but from the distribution data (herbarium collections) mapped, it appears to be a relatively small one, as most collections were made outside the park.