Pinus massoniana var. hainanensis W.C. Cheng & L.K. Fu


Endemic to Hainan Island in China where it is declining due to deforestation


China: Hainan Island (Yajiadaling). Very small population but no figures are known about number of mature trees.

Habitat and Ecology

Said to be growing on hills, without further details.

Human Uses

Presumably logged for its timber and of local use.

Conservation Status

Global status and rationale

Critically Endangerd B1ab(ii)+2ab(ii)

This assessment is the same as that carried out by the China Plant Specialist Group (CPSG) under version 3.1 of the Red List Categories and Criteria. We assume they had more accurate data than the Conifer Specialist Group had more than 10 years ago.

Global threats

This variety is poorly known but appears to occur in a limited area in the western part of Hainan Island, where it is declining due to deforestation.

Conservation Actions

None known but given its conservation status urgently required.