Pinus brutia var. pityusa


Endemic to the north-east Black Sea area where its habitat is threatened by development

Associated Names:

Bichvinthis Pichvi, Molochay Ostistyi, Pitsundian Pine and Yel' Vostochnaya


Caucasus: Krasnodar, Transcaucasia (Abkhazia); Georgia; Ukraine: Krym [Crimea].

Habitat and Ecology

Coastal mountains and hills around the NE section of the Black Sea.

Human Uses

No uses are recorded but it is probably being used locally.

Conservation Status

Global status and rationale

Vulnerable B2ab(ii,iii,v)

The extent of occurrence (EOO) of this variety has not been calculated due to a lack of herbarium specimens available for mapping. Although it extends in scattered localities along the coast for several hundred kilometers its area of occupancy (AOO) is small, certainly not above 1,000 km². Continuing decline is inferred mainly from development along the Crimean coast which has removed suitable habitat.

Global threats

Development along the coast of the Black Sea, especially near Yalta, has and continues to destroy suitable habitat. This may be the case also in locations further east.

Conservation Actions

This taxon is present in a few protected areas but most localities are unprotected.