Picea asperata var. notabilis Rehder & E.H.Wilson


Restricted to W Sichuan in China where logging has caused a decline in the extent of the population

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China, W Sichuan. Populations have been reduced in the past; an ongoing decline is inferred.

Habitat and Ecology

As for the species and typical variety

Human Uses

As for the species and typical variety

Conservation Status

Global status

Endangered B1ab(v)

This variety is known from a very small number of herbarium collections, including the types of two separately described taxa. The extent of occurrence is between 3,400 and 5,000 km² while there are fewer than five locations known. Logging has certainly reduced this variety in the past, but is difficult to quantify. Unless cutting trees has completely come to a halt, it is inferred that this rare variety continues to suffer loss of mature individuals.

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Conservation Actions

A ban on logging has been imposed by the Chinese Gorvernment since 1998 although some illegal logging may still continue.