Juniperus blancoi var. mucronata (R.P.Adams) Farjon


Endemic to northwestern Mexico in the States of Chihuahua and Sonora where it is only known from two herbarium collections

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Mexico: Chihuahua, Sonora. Probably limited to a small area; a further search in the region may reveal other localities.

Habitat and Ecology

Insufficiently known

Conservation Status

Global status

Vulnerable D1+2

Global rationale

This taxon is only known from two collections by its author, Robert P. Adams, made on 20 December 1998 only a few kilometres separate from each other. It is likely that it occurs more abundantly in this area of northern Mexico, but a search of the herbaria has not resulted in further specimens. Therefore its EOO is likely to be small, perhaps less than 100km² and its AOO smaller than 20km² with fewer than 1000 mature individuals.

Global threats

Insufficiently known