Juniperus blancoi var. blancoi


Distributed in the states of Durango and México in northern Mexico where the subpopulations are very restricted

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Endemic to Mexico in the Sates of Durango (El Salto, San Ramón) and México (Carmona, Villa Victoria).

This taxon is only known from less than five locations, but in some of these it is locally common and no particular threats seem to be imposed on it.

Habitat and Ecology

J. blancoi var. blancoi grows exclusively along stream margins as trees or shrubs from 2 to 25 m in height (Mastretta-Yanes, 2012).

Human Uses

May be locally used for fence posts and firewood.

Conservation Status

Global status

Vulnerable D2

Global rationale

This variety has a fragmented, poorly known distribution. Known subpopulations are small and there is some evidence of problems with regeneration at some sites. Potentially this variety could qualify for Endangered or Critically Endangered if potential threats are realised. Based on the available information an assessment of Vulnerable under the D1 and D2 criteria has been made.

Global threats

The relatively restricted distribution and small population size make this variety susceptible to stochastic events. Regeneration at at least one site (El Salto) is limited by grazing. Two other localities consist of small forest fragments isolated within pasturelands.

Conservation Actions

One locality is within a Community Forest Reserve. Other sites are unprotected.