Podocarpus palawanensis de Laub. & Silba


A very poorly known species, only known from a single location in the Philippines where deforestation may have severely depleted the population

Associated Names:


Philippines, Palawan (Pagdanan Range). Not known from any other than the type location, which is called Ibangley Brookside Hill in the Pagdanan Range at only 40m altitude. The extent of occurrence is uncertain but is inferred to be less than 100 km² as is the area of occupancy. Presumably only a small population exists.

Habitat and Ecology

Closed tropical evergreen rain forest dominated by angiosperms. This species is possibly utilized for timber, but no specific details are known.

Conservation Status

Global status

Critically Endangered B1ab(iii)

Global rationale

Known only from the type location with an extent of occurrence inferred to be less than 100km². A map in the Philippines Red Data Book showing the extent of natural forest cover on this island at present demonstrates an extreme rate of deforestation, much of which has occurred in recent decades.

Global threats

General deforestation is likely to be the main threat.

Conservation Actions

This species is not known to occur within a protected area.