Japan, Korea and Far East

The Japan, Korea and Far Eastern Asia Threatened Conifer Region includes Japan, the Korean peninsular, some of northeastern China  and parts of the Russian Far East. The climate is predominantly warm or cool temperate with temperate rainforests forming in wetter areas. In a few areas such as Yakushima off the southern coast of Japan, climates are more humid and subtropical.  Typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic activity have a significant influence. In this region Japan has the greatest diversity of conifers, with several endemic species and one endemic genus. This may be due to the existence of several refugial areas where conifers survived the Pleistocene glaciations. While diversity may be lower on the mainland, forests tend to be more extensive. Although only eight taxa have been assessed as threatened, eleven others are regarded as being Near Threatened. Principal threats include past and ongoing logging, especially on the mainland, exotic insect pests and air pollution.

Taxa in the category - Japan, Korea and Far East :

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Thuja koraiensis Nakai

Distributed in NE China, North and South Korea where it has mainly become threatened through deforestation. Read full species entry >

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